Learning the rules of the place we live in.

August 23, 2008

When we move to a new locality for the first time we spend considerable time learning about the services, rules and features.

Here we are,born on this earth with no prior knowledge or experience. We slowly learn the rules of thi physical world step by step. In the first 3 months we learn to focus our eyes and correlate the image with a message, we learn to use our fingers and hands to grasp things, hand-eye coordination. All these are just tools we learn to use to link our external world to the internal world, our mind.


Imaginary world?

August 22, 2008

As one advances in any field of study, he or she becomes more and more spiritual. Science, medicine, health and any other field of study in the top most level leads to spiritual awareness. A scientific mind is curious. A curious mind is full of questions. As one seeks answer to questions more questions come up. Many unaswered questions lead to spritiual awareness. the Awareness that everything is volatile, everything is changing, atleast everything we are aware of in the mundne life. That makes one seek the ultimate, the one that is never changing, ever present and encompasses everything.